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Application Status

How do I check my application status?

You can always check the status of your application materials online, even after you submit!

To check your status, simply log back in to the same online application system you used to submit your online application. The screen you will see includes information on:

  • Submission Status
  • Recommendation Providers
  • Application Status (transcripts and official test scores)
  • Decision Status

You will also be notified periodically via email as your application is reviewed and a decision is made.

What does each status mean?

Different status updates will appear on your status update page as your application moves towards a decision. Here's what each status means:

  • Application Received - your online application has been received, including any documents that have been uploaded (transcripts, statements, etc.).
  • Awaiting Program Decision - your transcripts have been checked and your program is reviewing your application.
  • Final Review - your program has made its admission decision and University officials are doing a very quick (usually within two business days) final review of your materials before sending out the decision notification.
  • Decision Made - a decision has been made and is ready for you to view.

During peak application season we receive hundreds of applications per day, each of which is reviewed by a staff member in our office.   Please allow several days after your submission for your status to be updated.   While we understand your desire to ensure that we have received your materials, it is very difficult for us to verify individual applications over the phone or via email, and this can delay the processing of your application.   

  • You can also view an applicant copy of your application in PDF format, where you can see both self-reported and official test scores.